Angela Lewis

Update: Click on the AZ Future Problem Solving link to the left to see some pictures from the International Conference!

How about a round of applause for Claire? She was an alternate team member for Emerson's 5th grade team. Because everyone on the team was able to participate, Claire volunteered throughout the day. Wow! Talk about soaring character!!

Claire volunteer picture

Congratulations to all of my students who competed at the recent Arizona Future Problem Solving State Bowl Competition! 

Whittier Elementary 6th Grade Junior Division Written Competition Winners at AZFPS

Whittier Elementary 6th Grade Junior Division Written Competition Winners at AZFPS with coach

Isabel, Natalie, Emily and Emily--Whittier Elementary's 6th Grade Junior Division Team--1st Place Winners for the Written Competition and 2nd Place Winners for their Action Plan/Skit Presentation.  They've been invited to the FPSPI International Conference this summer. Mesa Public Schools is generously sending the girls! Thank you!


Webster Elementary 6th Grade Junior Division 2nd Place Winners- Skit Competition

Carlos, Adrija-(guest team member), Brooklyn and Angelica--Webster Elementary's 6th Grade Junior Division-- 3rd Place Winners for their Action Plan/Skit Presentation. 


Emerson Elementary 5th Grade Novice Division 2nd Place Skit Competition


Kimbal, Lance, Brock, Tessa and Logan--Emerson Elementary's 5th Grade Novice Division-- 2nd Place Winners for their Action Plan/Skit Presentation. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit the website. This year I once again have the privilege to serve as an itinerant teacher for the gifted and talented students who currently attend  Webster, Emerson and Whittier Elementary Schools.

The Mesa Public Schools Gifted and Talented Department has changed the way we take care of our gifted students at many of our west side elementary schools, by bringing the gifted teachers to the students at their local site. Our Gifted Department now has 8 teachers working in the itinerant program seeing to the needs of 24 of Mesa's elementary school communities.

When completing my undergraduate work at Northern Arizona University, I was given an opportunity to graduate with a double major: Elementary Education and Special Education for the Gifted, via an independent study program with a gifted professor, Dr. Stephen Lapan. My student teaching took me to Mesa Public Schools where I was mentored by a veteran gifted teacher, Lorna Brackney.

Since then I have taught in a variety of schools and settings, both public and private, with grades ranging from Pre-K to 10th grade.

This year I will be continuing my mission to nurture the critical and creative thinking skills of my identified gifted and talented students, as well as to bring more as yet undiscovered thinkers into the program.


If you should wish to contact me, please know that email is the best way to receive a timely response! 

Here are the numbers for the various classrooms:

Whittier- 480-472-4974 on Mondays 
Webster- 480-472-4893 on Tuesdays
Emerson- 480-472-4726 on Thursdays 

"I cannot teach them anything. I can only teach them to think"--Socrates