To be a community centered school that provides a learning environment where children are continuously motivated and inspired to develop life skills in order to reach their potential and have options in life.

The Whittier School staff is committed to offering students comprehensive educational programs that promote the mastery of basic skills, and encourage students to become successful lifelong learners, and successful and productive citizens.

• Education is a shared responsibility of the school, family and community.
• Children need to know what is expected of them academically and socially.
• All children have value and are important.
• Cultural diversity is enriching and vital to individuals and to society.
• Learning is a lifelong process.
• Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy environment.
• Everyone has the right to be treated equally and fairly.
• Children need understanding, patience, love, and guidance.
• All children can learn and experience success in school.
• Students learn in different ways and at different rates.
• Feeling good about oneself is important.
• A solid foundation of academic and social skills contribute to success in life.
• Quality work is desirable and should be the goal of parents, staff and students.
• Cooperation and teamwork promote successful living.