1. Tank tops worn by both boys and girls shall not expose undergarments. Arm/neck cutouts shall not be excessive as to expose areas of skin. If so, a tee shirt must be worn underneath. Width of tank top straps shall be a minimum of 2 fingers wide and sufficient to cover undergarments. Halter tops and/or Halter top style dresses are not allowed.
  2. Shirts shall not expose areas of midriff when arms are straight and/or extended. Length of shorts and/or skirts worn by boys and girls shall reach the length of fingertips when the student’s arms are pointed straight down.
  3. Pants, shorts, and skirts shall not be worn and/or cut in such a way as to expose one’s undergarments. The length should go past fingertips when standing with your hands at your sides.
  4. Make-up is not allowed to be worn during school or at school functions.
  5. Bandannas, hairnets and do-rags are prohibited.
  6. Hats or other head apparel may not be worn inside school buildings unless for religious, medical or safety purposes.  Students will not be prohibited or discouraged from wearing hats or other clothing designed to reduce sun exposure while outdoors.
  7. Wilson Elementary will reinforce the importance of wearing closed toed shoes on days that students have PE. If the student is having a problem wearing a specific shoe or style of footwear, which does not fit and/or is causing distractions, we will ask the student to change the shoe and/or parents will be contacted to bring in another pair.
  8. Fish net gloves or regular gloves should not be worn in the classroom.
  9. Nose rings, lip rings and body piercing are not permitted. Pierced ears are permitted, but the earrings should be appropriate for school, no ear plugs, spikes, etc.  Body art and tattoos are also prohibited.  These items are unsafe or disruptive to the school environment and should not be worn at school.
  10. Hair Dye or color is NOT permitted.

We sincerely appreciate your support with our dress code. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.