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Our first graders are extremely hard workers.  They are continually involved in all areas of the curriculum throughout the day.  The students read literature on a daily basis. Reading for meaning is emphasized as well as the love of reading.  They practice many different strategies to help them become more proficient readers. Phonic skills are also taught in a variety of ways including Mesa's S.T.A.R.T. Phonics Program. Poetry as well as other forms of literature are also read. Students learn to respond to literature in a variety of forms including writing, poetry, art, and oral responses.

Throughout the year a variety of writing skills are practiced. Students learn sentence structure and correct punctuation by writing letters, poetry, personal narratives, class books, and creative stories.children math

  • During math, Wilson 1st graders learn to relate math skills to every day life.  They begin to understand addition and subtraction through many activities. Students have the opportunity to become a member of the Math Facts Club.  This is based on the performance of addition and subtraction facts. Daily practice in patterning and place value occurs during "Calendar."  Problem solving and graphing are other skills incorporated in math and across the curriculum.
  • First graders also work on social skills, listening skills, along with learning to work cooperatively and treating others with respect.
  • Please refer to your child's "Responsibility Folder" for upcoming events. Make sure you sign or initial calendars daily.

Wilson Word Wizard Sight Words

Our school has created a program to help your child master sight words. The first 25 words on this list make up 33% of all written material, the first 100 words make up 50%, and the first 300 make up 65%. Is it any wonder that all students must learn to recognize these words instantly and to spell them correctly also?

You can help your child practice these words at home and you will be growing a more skilled reader in the process. The list that your child will be asked to master is below:


Thank you for your support! When students master the entire list at school with 100% accuracy and automaticity, they will be awarded with a dog tag necklace.


children with apples
Thank you! 
The First Grade Team