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letter a 
           Kindergarten is the first and most important year of schooling for children. It is a time of personal adjustment andstepping out beyond the family to the wider world. 

Mesa Public Schools offers full-day kindergarten at every elementary school. 

Beginning in August 2011, kindergarten students will begin learning the Arizona Academic Content Standard for English Language Arts and Mathematics (Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards).  For more information about the key things kindergarten students will learn, the National Parent Teacher Organization (PTA) has created a parent guide.  Click here for more information about what students should know and be able to do.


Here at Wilson, Kindergarten is a busy time! We've been busy adjusting to our school environment and learning how to listen and follow directions.          
                                                                                           letter b

We are working on our letters and sounds and we are practicing our names with the first letter a capital and the rest of the letters are in lower case. 

Watch for your child's traveling homework bag to come home to share a story or class book and then return for another child's turn. Read EVERYDAY with or to your kindergartner; we do appreciate your support.  

                                         Kindergarten...here we grow!                                                                                                                   letterc                                                                                                                                       ruler

                       Wilson Word Wizard Sight Words

Our school has created a program to help your child master sight words. The first 25 words on this list make up 33% of all written material, the first 100 words make up 50%, and the first 300 make up 65%. Is it any wonder that all students must learn to recognize these words instantly and to spell them correctly also?

You can help your child practice these words at home and you will be growing a more skilled reader in the process. The list that your child will be asked to master is in the links below.

Thank you for your support! When students master the entire list at school with 100% accuracy and automaticity, they will be awarded with a dog tag necklace.