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“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”

Roger Bacon (Roger Bacon's most noteworthy philosophical accomplishments were in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and language studies.)

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Hello in different languages

The 5 Goal Areas of Language Acquisition

World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

Language Proficiency Resources


Using Proficiency in the Language Classroom

Authentic resources for all modes of communication

International Children's Digital Library

French/Chinese/Spanish-Authentic Videos: MisCositas.com


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Statement of Philosophy:

Having knowledge of languages and cultures is essential to the ability to communicate and gain social, political, and economic access to the world.  The study of other languages also develops greater competence in and awareness of one’s own language and culture. 

World Languages Standards and Practices:

Arizona Department of Education

Foreign and Native Language Standards

ACTFL Performance Descriptors

ACTFL Can-Do Statements

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

Arizona Department of Education

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards

American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages

Hello in different languages

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Mesa Public Schools Offers 5 languages






Dual Language/ Spanish Immersion Program

Information, Resources, and Accomplishments

Dual Language/ Spanish-Immersion School

Keller Elementary

Dual Language/ Spanish-Immersion School

Hermosa Vista Elementary


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