Dual Language Immersion Program


Program Objectives

The Dual Language Immersion program is a program designed to empower students to achieve at a high academic standard.  The program provides students with the opportunity to become college and career ready in a globally competitive world through academic excellence in content areas while acquiring scholastic achievement in two languages.   Student success is ensured through content knowledge and fluency in both languages. Students are instructed according to Arizona’s Standards for grade level competencies in all subject areas in both English and Spanish.  A strong partnership between parents, teachers, and administration creates students who are bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural as well as students who will cultivate an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.  


Parent Involvement

A strong school-home partnership between teachers, parents, and administration is an essential component to ensure success of our dual language immersion program and the educational success of the students in the program.  Students will typically enter the program in kindergarten and commit to remain in the program through the sixth grade in order for the student to gain the full benefit of the program. Parents who enroll their children in the dual language immersion program will be asked to commit their child’s participation through the conclusion of sixth grade. In addition, parents will be an integral part of the program as active participants in their child’s education at school and home. A signed program agreement that explains the goals of the program, the responsibilities and commitment of the student and parents to participate in the program will be completed at registration. 


Program Design

The Dual Language Immersion Program combines a strong academic program with the most effective and current practices of language immersion.  The purpose of the program is to develop fluency and literacy in English and Spanish through academic achievement in the content areas. The classroom environment develops communicative competence and academic language development in an interactive setting.  The program implements 50% daily instruction in Spanish and 50% daily instruction in English from kindergarten through sixth grade. Students are taught by a team of two teachers, one who teaches primarily in Spanish and one who teaches in English.  Students transfer between the two teachers in order to receive content and language instruction in both languages. The structure and process of the program fully cultivates and instills respect for both languages.  Program participation begins in kindergarten and a subsequent grade level will be added each year as students progress through the grade levels.  Students are expected to remain in the program until sixth grade to complete a seven year commitment. The charts on the following page demonstrate the distribution of instructional time. 

Dual Language/Immersion Elementary Schools
Hermosa Vista Elementary School

Grades K - 4
50/50 Model - English/Spanish

Keller Elementary School

Grades K - 6
50/50 Model - English/Spanish

Dual Language/Immersion Junior High Schools

Grade 8
70/30 Model - English/Spanish

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