The following French courses are offered in Mesa Public Schools. However, not all courses are available at every school.  Teacher availability, class size, and other factors determine what classes are available.  Check Mesa Public Schools 7-12 Course Catalog to see what else may be offered at individual schools.  


High School Resources

High School Courses

French I

WL 41
Click for Standards 2016

French II

WL 42
Click for Standards 2016

French III

WL 43
Click for Standards 2016

AP French Language and Culture

WL 45
Click for Standards 2016

Level 1 Video Feed - Intranet
Level 2 Video Feed - Intranet

Teacher Resources

Authentic media
Authentic Books for Children
Literacy Practice
Music to teach French

Teachers High School

Dobson High School
Claudia Van Cleemput
Mesa High School
Ruth Avil├ęs-Vieyra
Mountain View High School
Nellie Koleva-Vaughn
Ariane Sharma
Red Mountain High School
Rena Hughes
Shannon Bute
Skyline High School
Margaret Hanna
Westwood High School
Julia Spear
Beth Brandt