The following Spanish courses are offered in Mesa Public Schools. However, not all courses are available at every school.  Teacher availability, class size, and other factors determine what classes are available.  Check with your school to  see which World Languages course are offered.  


Junior High Courses

High School Courses

Listening Proficiency Practice:
Vocabulary, Grammar, etc (This would be a great vocabulary builder.  Use the Vocabulary Section and start with Level 2.  There is plenty here and all of the themes are ones you will find on the test.)

Stamp4s Login (Need codes and passwords)



High School Credit Parent Letter


Teacher Elementary

Martha Garchow

Summit Academy K-6

Luz Ordosgoitia

Keller K-5
Hermosa Vista K-5

Teachers Junior High

Emily McClennen

Carson Junior High

William Meek

Franklin Junior High

Anabel Franco

Smith Junior High

Gina Boesch

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies
6th-8th grade

Veronica Betance - Sandoval

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Arthur Gaeta

Poston Junior High

Michael York

Shepherd Junior High

Nereida Orozco

Summit Academy

Jennifer Smith

Stapley Junior High

Kennon Casper

Fremont Junior High

Interpretive Practice
Authentic Resources

Multiple websites

Audio Lingua

audio clips of native speakers talking about their lives. Organized by level.

Read Alouds

Children's stories read outloud in Spanish.


Reading Articles in Spanish

Common Lit

CommonLit is a free collection of fiction and nonfiction for 3rd-12th grade classrooms. Search and filter our collection by lexile, grade, theme, genre, literary device, or common core standard.

Teachers High School

Dobson High School
Cinthia Merino (Dept. Chair)
Angelica Lierow
Bethany Stoian
Blake Stone
Mesa High School
Aaron Gray
Scarlett Brown
Christopher Coleman
Lorna Kerby
Christiane Markwell (Dept. Chair)
James Moody
Tyler Umfrid
Stephen Gygi
Mountain View High School
Minerva Mendoza
Keldon Donaldson
Ryan Norton (Dept. Chair)
Isabel Chavez
Alfonso Rodriguez
Jesus Arzaga
Eunice Escobar Pace
Red Mountain High School
Lili Carrasco
Allyson VanVoris
Sherie Jarama
Cody Hunt
Nadine Vanderaa
Alex Muñoz
Skyline High School
Corina Beltran
Ryan Myers (Dept. Chair)
Gloria Dalley
Luis Durand
Laura Couret de Gentile
Westwood High School
Melissa Knighton
Ingrid Mosquera
Gloria Ramirez
Chris Nunes
Shirley Thomas (Dept. Chair)
Ruby Reyes
Gisela Anagnostis