The following Spanish courses are offered in Mesa Public Schools. However, not all courses are available at every school.  Teacher availability, class size, and other factors determine what classes are available.  Check with your school to  see which World Languages course are offered.  


Junior High Courses

High School Courses

Listening Proficiency Practice:
Listening and Reading Practice
National Spanish Examination 
Vocabulary, Grammar, etc (This would be a great vocabulary builder.  Use the Vocabulary Section and start with Level 2.  There is plenty here and all of the themes are ones you will find on the test.)

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Teacher Elementary

Martha Garchow

Summit Academy K-6

Gina Boesch

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies
4th-5th Grade(p.m.)

Teachers Junior High

Kimberly Trezise

Carson Junior High

William Meek

Franklin Junior High

Susan Bernard

Fremont Junior High &
Smith Junior High

Wendy Diozzi

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Gina Boesch

Poston Junior High (a.m.)

Amy Hammerand

Shepherd Junior High

Nereida Orozco

Summit Academy

Anabel Franco

Kino Junior High

Angelica Lierow

Taylor Junior High

Jennifer Smith

Stapley Junior High

Teachers High School

Dobson High School
Elizabeth Jauregui
Cinthia Merino
Angelica Lierow
Sophie Sagot Macabou
Mesa High School
Scarlett Brown
Christopher Coleman
Lorna Kerby
Christiane Markwell
James Moody
Tyler Umfrid
Stephen Gygi
Mountain View High School
Jesus Arzaga
Keldon Donaldson
Ryan Norton
Isabel Chavez
Alfonso Rodriguez
Allyson Van Voris
Adrian Gomez
Red Mountain High School
Lili Carrasco
Rena Hughes
D. Thompson
Sherie Jarama
Cody Hunt
Nadine Vanderaa
Alex Muñoz
Skyline High School
Corina Beltran
Dave Mendez
Ryan Myers
Gloria Dalley
Luis Durand
Laura Couret de Gentile
Westwood High School
Melissa Knighton
Chad Moon
Gloria Ramirez
Chris Nunes
Shirley Thomas
Nathan Ricks
Beth Brandt
Gisela Anagnostis