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Z-Fit Runners Volunteer at the Gilbert Marathon

     On Saturday, November 18th, our Z-Fit Runners joined up with students from the Brinton and Crismon running clubs to volunteer at an aid station in support of the Gilbert Marathon. Our Soaring Eagles handed out Gatorade and water, cheered on the runners, directed them where to go, and kept the area clean and safe. They did a GREAT job!!! While volunteering their time, they...
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Third Grade Students Construct Solar Cookers

Students in Mrs. Rothlisberger's third grade class completed a solar cooker project. They collaborated in the study of energy and the engineering design process, then independently designed and built solar cookers from cardboard boxes, tin foil, construction paper, plastic wrap, and duct tape. The students tested the effectiveness and efficiency of their cookers using marshmallows, some of...
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K-1 Combo Classes Create Communities

Students in our K-1 combination classes created their own communities recently. They learned that communities can be described with size, location, leadership, and symbols. Students worked in small groups to decide how those characteristics would be represented for their community. They focused on values to generate symbols, used square counters for the size, identified a leader, and learned...
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