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***To ensure student safety, the parent/guardian should transport medications to and from school.

If your child requires medication, (OTC or prescribed) or dietary supplements for more than five consecutive school days, Part B of the medication must be completed by your medical provider before the school can administer the medication. 

When it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the following requirements must be met:

1. Parent/guardian Consent authorizing school personnel to administer medication to the student must be signed.

2. Prescription medication must be in the ORIGINAL container with a non-expired prescription label.  Each container should have the phone number of the pharmacy, the student's name, the physician's name, the medication's name, the dosage, the time to be given and route (oral, inhaled, etc.).  

3. OTC medications:  If your child must take an "over the counter" (OTC) medication while at school, it must be in the ORIGINAL container with original package directions.  Age appropriate dosage as stated on the label will be dispensed. OTC medications may not be given for more than 3 consecutive days without a medical provider order.

** It is recommended that when you get a prescription filled that you request a separate "school bottle" from the pharmacy.  This is especially important with liquid medications that have to be refrigerated.

4.  Storage: Medication to be administered at school is to be kept in the Health Office, except for secondary students who have written permission to carry an asthma inhaler with them. Other special requests may by discussed with the school nurse.

5. Inhalers: All inhalers, self - carry or not, must have a pharmacy-placed label on them or have the inhaler inside the box that has the pharmacy label placed on the outside of the box. Inhalers not properly labeled are not allowed per District policy.

6.  Medications given 3 times per day are discouraged at school. Please make arrangements to give these medications before and after school.

7. Narcotic pain medication will not be given at school for the safety of the student.

8.  Natural & Herbal supplements:  will be treated the same as over-the-counter medications.  Product safety verifications must be available and dosage based on age must be on the label in order to be administered at school.

9.  Medications brought to school and not meeting the necessary requirements, will not be dispensed. The medication will be locked in the Health Office until a parent/guardian verifies the medication, signs the proper forms or takes it home.

10. Ibuprofen:  Ibuprofen, often known as Advil or Motrin, is not recommended for children under the age of 12.  If your child needs to have this medication during the school day for a specific injury or medical condition, you must have your doctor write a note including the dosage and length of time to be given.  You must also provide the medication in the original container from the store and sign a consent form (which you can print out from the link above or obtain from the health office.)

11. Field Trips: If your child takes daily medication or as-needed medication, you may send a separate labeled container with a day's dose of medication for that day. Health Services staff do not routinely accompany students on field trips and a teacher may be responsible for administration of medication.

Thank you for your cooperation with these medication procedures. Our intent is to insure safety and good health for your child.

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