Sore Throat Remedies & Tips

What is a sore throat?
A sore throat is sweling of the throat that makes it difficult & sometimes painful to swallow.  This is caused by an infection trapping water in the throat's moist tissues.

A mild sore throat is no big deal except for the inconvenience and discomfort.  However,  a more severe sore throat, when accompanied by a stomach ache, headache or fever, could require a visit to the doctor.

Below are some information & tips that may help speed up your recovery:

FactA sore throat that is painful and makes it difficult to swallow is
             caused by swelling in the throat.

FictionSalt is bad for a sore throat and will make it sting worse.

FactGetting plenty of rest will help speed recovery.

FictionAll sore throats are strep.

soreSalt water gargling:

- Disinfects - Salt is a great remedy for sore throats because it is a natural disinfectant.  Its drying agents also help draw the infection out of moist tissues and destroy germs.

- Circulation - A salt water wash improves circulation in the affected area.  By increasing the blood supply,  it brings antibodies to the area more quickly, speeding up recovery.

- 3 times per day - Once is not enough.  It may give momentary relief, but you must do this three times a day to improve circulation and destroy bacteria.  Doing this routinely can even help prevent a sore throat from occuring.

How to make your salt water gargle:

1.  Heat 8 oz. of water, not so hot as to burn your mouth, but it must be very warm.  Mix in 1/2 - 1 tsp. of salt (sea salt or table salt, it doesn't matter).  It should leave a salty taste in you mouth or it's not salty enough.

2.  Tip your head back and gargle.  You must cover all surfaces in back of your throat, so don't be afraid to make a little noise. 

3.  Repeat, repeat, repeat, until the whole cup is gone.

** Remember not to swallow the salt water. Spit it out.

Other helpful remedies:

1.  Gargling with water mixed with hydrogen peroxide

2. Drinking tea with honey & lemon

3. Cough drops, lozenges, or even butterscotch candy

4.  Mouth sprays containing phenol

5.  Keep a humidifier in the room. Dry humidity can exacerbate a sore throat.

6.  Drink plenty of fluids to replenish the body and prevent dehydration and dry throat.  Avoid milk as this will form a thick mucus layer in the throat lining and cause more irritation.  Also avoid caffinated beverages as they increase fluid loss.


Sore throat picture by: Right Health