At Zaharis…entertolearn

·        Our school is a family.  We care for one another and value each other’s voices. 

·        We are all learners and our passions are contagious.  We unite as we celebrate each other’s growth, achievements and successes. 

·        It is important to share our stories.  This is one way we merge heart and intellect.      

·        Children are brilliant.  Their feelings, ideas, gifts and talents are respected and shared.

·        Smiles and laughter make everything easier.  Love serves as a motivator until desire to learn is cultivated.

·        Learning that travels through the heart inspires greater meaning and purpose.    

·        Learning is a social experience.  We make meaning together through collaborative dialogue.    

·        We learn through inquiry.  The learning in our classrooms mirrors the work that readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and social scientists do. 

·        Students and teachers need time—time to think, time to wonder, time to explore, and time to share their findings— together.