Breakout sessions
Zaharis Literacy Conference 2017

Book Clubs with a Bang!

Literature circles are the pathways to engagement for every student and the development of a community of readers in your classroom. Uncover the potential of “Book Clubs” in your classroom. Marci Lang and Susan Crandall will share everything from choosing great books, to fostering great discussion, and assessing students through individual reflection and group projects.


Book Projects: Incorporating Reading and Writing to Engage Students

The days of old-fashioned book reports are gone! Learn strategies from Carrie Collins that will engage your students and get them excited to share the books they read independently. You will take home several pre-designed projects and rubrics to use, as well as ideas to create your own original book projects.


Encouraging Young Writers through Shared Writing Opportunities

Participants in this session will observe first-graders in a community of readers/writers through the use of “life books” (writers notebooks). These notebooks are the heart of Kathy Mason’s classroom community and can be adapted for any classroom.


Exploring Literature Studies Through the Eyes of A Third Grade Teacher

Christina Stowers will share how she utilizes literature to bring stories, standards and reading strategies together through novel study. By incorporating technology and group collaboration, she will also discuss how she enhances the experiences for third-graders.


Fostering a Literacy Climate

Join Principal Mike Oliver as he tours various classrooms highlighting how each unique community reflects student learning. When work is authentic and student-centered the possibilities for growth are endless!


Hook, Line, and Reader: How to Make Read Aloud Come to Life

Read aloud is a magical time when students are transported to the wonderful worlds of their favorite books. Participants will learn how Ranelle Rothlisberger and Jim Cook capture the hearts and minds of their students as they implement the art and science of reading through the enchanting experience known as read aloud.


Kindergarten Inquiry through Expert Projects

Kindergarten teachers Tami Pena and Joni Stockton share how their five- and six-year-olds research a variety of topics such as bugs, ocean animals and desert wildlife. Participants will learn how to scaffold their own students into becoming budding researchers.


Live Conferences with Live Readers

Veteran teacher Caroline Gaynor opens up her classroom to demonstrate reading conference techniques with second-graders. Participants will learn how to assess, confer and gather anecdotal recordkeeping with students of all reading abilities. Her manner of conferring can be used with any age student.


Loving and Learning with Literature

Jeanie Germaine and Michelle Oh share the many teaching opportunities found within the pages of the beloved book, Charlotte’s Web. Participants will learn how to create a mini-lesson using authentic literature and uncover writing craft, punctuation and grammar.


Meeting Math on the Pages of a Book

Join Elsa Struble for an interactive investigation of the mathematical teaching possibilities hidden within the pages of picture books. Enjoy this hands-on, collaborative session, and come away with the additional understanding of a mathematical dimension that can be found within the pages of a book.


My Kids Can’t Spell: How to Turn Your Students into Word Detectives

Diann Christensen, faculty for BYU-Idaho and former ASU adjunct professor, will teach participants how to enhance spelling and word learning power through inquiry.


Nurturing the Development of Reflective Readers

In this session, Kris-Ann Florence and Megan Kypke, second- and fourth-grade teachers, will share how they have used a student version of miscue analysis to help students become more reflective, meaning making readers, thus enhancing comprehension.


Sounds of Readers at Work

Experience reader’s workshop in real-time as Dr. Gwen Struble’s first-grade students invite you into their readerly lives. Observe a mini-lesson, see readers in just-right books utilizing their support strategies, listen in on a conference, and hear echoes from the voices of learning that reside in the powerful presence of readers at work. Annie Dutcher-Jones will provide a window into the experience between her SID class and Gwen’s first-grade class. 


Tensions and Triumphs in the Early Years of Teaching

Every teacher has a story to share. Hear how first-year teacher and former BYU-Idaho preservice teacher, Chandler Brown, went straight from student teaching into a fourth-grade classroom, teaching alongside her Zaharis mentor. This session is specifically geared for the BYU-Idaho preservice teachers, but all are welcome to attend.


Writer’s Workshop with the Youngest Developing Authors

Kindergarten teacher Chelsea Mercer shares an inside look into the process of writing development with the youngest of learners using a journal approach. Mini-lessons and the conferring process with students will also be highlighted to show how to differentiate and support their development as writers.


Writing Across the Curriculum through Non-Fiction Inquiry 

Julie Reichert shares vignettes, books and student artifacts that highlight cross-curricular nonfiction studies. Participants will learn how child-led inquiries formulated from mentor texts support creative thinking and writing.


Writing and Revision in Cyberspace

Learn how to use Google Classroom and other educational websites to spark students’ inquiries and create multimedia presentations to share their learning. Participants will engage with laptops in this workshop led by Jen Kunz and Jessica Christian.


Writing Historical Fiction: History through the Lens of Students

Using historical fiction, nonfiction and Arizona social studies standards, fourth-grade teachers Kim Prock and Heather Gookin display how cross-curricular studies can bring students full circle from understanding narrative elements in fiction to crafting their own historical fiction masterpieces.

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