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"Lost Boy" Visits Zaharis

     Ms. Montgomery's fourth grade class recently read A Long Walk to Waterby Linda Sue Park, as part of their inquiry of biographies. The book is based on the true story of Salva Dut, and is written from two different points of views in two different time periods. Although based on Dut's journey, the story is that of thousands of boys who had similar experiences in this excruciating tale of survival. Ms. Montgomery's class was enthralled with the story and upon discovering that one of the "Lost Boys" resided in the area, invited him to come to Zaharis. Jany Deng accepted the invitation and word spread through the school that he would be visiting. As a result, numerous classes were inspired to read the book and prepare questions for Jany. He spoke with students from 2nd grade to 6th grade about his journey from Civil War in Sudan, to a Refugee Camp in Ethiopia, to finally settling in Phoenix. He related stories of survival, assimilation, education, and employment to our students as he urged them to understand the value of their schooling in working toward future success. He currently works with the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development. (


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