Zaharis Strong - Important Updates from Mr. Oliver

Hellllooo Zaharis Families!

This is your PrinciPAL Mr. Oliver, and I am so excited to share with you our plans to keep our little Soaring Eagles engaged as learners during the school closure.  Keep in mind, the school may be closed, but the learning definitely is not. 

First and foremost, Zaharis isn’t so much of a place as it is a way of learning, living, and becoming.  We can continue to thrive as a school even when we aren’t meeting there. 

Every Monday until Zaharis reopens, your youngster’s teacher will share with you a menu of options of what learning might look like away from Zaharis.  This will be communicated to you in the format that your teacher has been using throughout the year.  Please keep in mind these offerings are simply invitations.  Invitations to keep your child engaged, learning and thriving in every way possible.  They are not learning mandates in any way.  Nothing will be graded or turned in.  If we do this well, this learning outside of school should be fun, exciting, joyful and real-world work.  We are not trying to replace the school day or replicate a typical day at Zaharis in ANY way.  We are simply offering support in ways that can increase learning in the home or outside of the home. 

Another way to keep our learners engaged and plugged into their school family is by reading aloud to them.  Every day at 10 am for K-3 and 10:30 for 4-6, I am going to conduct a LIVE read aloud by way of Zoom. The sessions will be recorded and placed daily on our Zaharis website.  

For those families who are in need of breakfast and lunch during the closure, from 11:00 – 1:00 pm Monday – Friday, we will be distributing a breakfast and lunch sack in the Zaharis parking lot.  There’s a drive-thru system to accommodate you.  You don’t even need to get out of your car. 

Tell your little ones that we love them, we miss them, and we can’t wait to reunite and hear all about how they continued to learn while away from us. 


“e” Books – online access

Go to the website: Mesa Public Schools –

Under the title Academic Resources choose “Library Services”

Choose Databases & Resources

Choose the red-highlighted square labeled “e-books”

Choose Follet Shelf

Sign in with:  mps4

Password:  search (all lower case)

You now have access to the “e book”



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