Dear Families,

Please click on this link: http://sageportal.org to find online practice tests to better prepare your child for the computerized test, taking place beginning at the end of March. The S.A.G.E test (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) is a computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state’s core standards. Sample tests include reading, writing, and math and will help students to begin to get the feel of what it is like to take a computerized test. This is something they have not done with me this year. I will be scheduling time in the computer lab for additional practice, but unfortunately we only have one computer lab which makes time an issue. ANY additional practice that your child can get at home would be extremely helpful in preparing them for this test, even if they just practice a few questions a night. Although it is very important for them to know content, the goal at home would be for them to be able to become comfortable with navigating the site and using tools such as clicking a mouse, highlighting, deleting, spacing, punctuating, etc...which must come first for students to have success on this test. Any help you can provide your child would be greatly appreciated. 

From the website:

Click on "Training Test"

Click on "Sign In"

Click on "Grade 3"

Click on "Yes"

Click on "Select Test"


We are preparing students for testing. I've included  some online assessments to practice at home. Remember, some of the practice tests are for 3rd and 4th grade so the kids are not expected to know all the information. 

Thank you for all your help as we are trying to learn this new way of testing!




(These are all similar to what AZMerit will be like.)



Thank you,

Mrs. Scow