A Journey through 3rd Grade

Let me take you on a journey... a journey into 3rd grade.


We read great literature to discover the world and explore humanity. In our class discussion, we learn about story elements as we create a love for reading. Since reading is the foundation for all other learning, it is important that we become proficient at it! We work on reading skills and strategies to increase our knowledge of story elements.

*Exciting read-aloud books that motivate even the most reluctant readers.

*Literature studies that teach skills and promote critical thinking.

*Historical fiction that supports our social studies curriculum.

*Reading of various genres to open us up to new thoughts and ideas.

*Independent conferences and reading projects.

*Book clubs and discussion groups.


In our writing workshop, we study various genres and write about what we learned! By following a mentor text, we learn from modeling and begin a journey into publishing memoirs, poetry, stories, letters, essays, and non-fiction texts. Through mini-lessons and individual writing conferences, we learn mechanics and crafting techniques and apply them in daily writing activities.


We follow the district and state standards while providing both inquiry and real-life math experiences for students. We challenge, reteach, and ensure that every student has success. We want every student to walk through 3rd grade having mastered multiplication facts.


Our science instruction includes:

*Discovery of scientific tools available.

*Makerspace: Makedo, Circuit Boards, Legos, Playstix, Puzzles and more

*Scientific Method

*Tin Foil Challenge

*Rocks and Fossils

*Ecology/ The Nature of Life

*Solar Cooking/ Fountains/ Energy



Third grade has an Exciting social studies curriculum. One of Mrs. Scow's favorite subjects to teach. We travel across the world with geography, learn about the pilgrims in 1620, the nation's independence in 1776, the industrial revolution and exploration of the 1800's and immigrants in the early 1900's. We go through our own Ellis Island reenactment. We even begin to understand how Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome contributed to our society today.

Our units include:

*Geography/map skills

 *American symbols, government, economics

*Early visitors to America

*Immigration in the early 1900's

*How Ancient Greece and Rome


Third graders love to learn to write in cursive. We will learn the lower-case and then the upper-case alphabet. Students will earn a "Cursive Writer's License" at the end of the year!


While this is not a "traditional" academic area, ZAHARIS has a CURRICULUM of CARING. We spend a lot of time learning about each other and caring about others. My first objective, before anything else, is that the children know how much I care about them and their families. We have daily class meetings, sharing about ourselves, others, and the world around us.