Policies & Procedures in Room 60

Classroom Community:

In room 60 we become a family! An essential part of our experience will be building and maintaining our classroom community.  How we interact with one another will directly influence the feeling and learning that takes place in our classroom.  Therefore, the first week of school we will be creating a classroom code of conduct that will provide guidelines and expectations, enabling us to foster an environment of kindness and learning. We create a space that feels safe for everyone, and we constantly work to avoid bullying, include everyone, make only appropriate and helpful comments, and to truly be there for one another.


It is important that you are in the classroom as much as possible so you don't miss out on any of our exciting learning! However, I know there are times when it is necessary to use the restroom. Students have time during morning and lunch recess, and I do expect them to use those times wisely. Student gets 4 bathroom passes a week to be used when they just can't wait. Please make me aware of concerns that arise during the year that require adjustments.

Drinks in the Classroom:

Drinking enough water is extremely important, especially here in the desert.  Please use the following guidelines: Drinks are never to be taken during instruction, discussion or read aloud.  Water bottles are allowed as long as they do not leak or drip onto work and are filled with water (Gatorade or other flavored drinks can be saved for lunchtime).  If water bottles become a distraction they will be taken away.


Throughout the year we will be collecting student work in files.  This will allow us to look back on what we have accomplished throughout the year.  Family members are welcome to come and look through portfolios anytime.

Pencil Sharpening:

Sharpening pencils during class is distracting. A student has a job to sharpen pencils throughout the week. Students may sharpen pencils first thing in the morning or during pack up at the end of the day.  If one pencil breaks, you should have a back-up, or you may trade it with a sharp one from my pencil jar.  You may bring your own covered pencil sharpener that must be emptied over a trash can.  You could also choose the option of small pencil pouch for extra pencils. All work must be done in pencil.  Ink pens are only used for grading.  Math MUST always be done in pencil.


If your child would like to celebrate her/his birthday with a HEALTHY treat in class, please schedule the day with me in advance. It is best to send individual pre-cut treats along with the appropriate supplies so that we may celebrate at morning recess or at the end of the day.


We will take a few minutes before lunch to sanitize hands.  Even though I love to see student's smiling face, after they eat, they are to go to the playground, not come back to the classroom.

Our lunchtime begins at 11:35. If you are planning to join your child for lunch, please meet him/her in the hallway by the office.  We will travel this way to lunch, and you can meet up with your child at this time. 


Our class has PE on Tuesday and Friday. In order to participate fully, it is important that children come to school wearing appropriate clothing and comfortable running shoes (no flip flops) on these days.


Children should bring their own healthy snack for mid-morning recess. Fruit, yogurt, juice, etc. are fine, but no candy or sweets please. Students are starving by 10:00 a.m. and don't fully function when they are tired and hungry. Please pack a daily snack. Refer to our zaharis snack suggestions: http://www.mpsaz.org/zaharis/staff/aczapata/healthy_snacks/


Respect for the school, classroom, other human beings such as students, aides, teachers and parents are highly expected. As much as I can encourage and enforce respectful behavior, I also need support from home. Weekly progress reports will rate how children do at school. Emails will be sent on an as need basis. Students will choose not only rewards for good behavior, but they will choose consequences for their inappropriate behavior in order to make a change toward respectful behavior.