My classroom philosophy: "Love to learn... Learn to work."

In third grade, we’ll work hard, but we’ll love it as we do so. My hope is for each of us is to enjoy learning and to work together. Students are expected to learn proper social skills to resolve conflicts and develop an emotional intelligence along with an academic one.

I believe the best type of learning is when we share our findings with others. Our classroom will work as a community. Most supplies will be shared, but if you wish to purchase individual “fun” items such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners please be sure they can be kept in a pencil pouch to be kept in a seat back or in cubbies. Below is a list of supplies we could use for our classroom this year. Donations are optional and greatly appreciated!

  • 3 Black/White Composition books: one for Reading, one for Writing, and one for Math/Science
  • 4 folders per student with 3 metal prongs in the center with 2 pockets: Colors: yellow for homework, red for science research, blue for writing, and green for social studies research.
  • 2 spiral-bound lined paper notebooks per student in any style and color of your choice!

DONATIONS FOR Classroom Community use:

-dry erase markers                 -#2 pencils                                -glue sticks

-GALLON size baggies           -wide ruled lined paper         -paper plates( any size)

-8 pack of markers                 -12 pack of colored pencils          -forks, spoons, napkins

-any color Sharpie pen                 -8 color water colored set (Very much used and needed)

-sanitary wipes(for desks)     -antibacterial handwash (hands)      -Kleenex/tissues (we run out every year)

-post-it notes (any size and shape)  -Incentive/Rewards: stickers, eraser tops, bookmarks, candy

-holiday craft materials and ideas throughout the year during holiday parties.


Unfortunately, I do not provide daily snacks. Students should bring their own snack for morning recess, usually around 9:45 -10:00 am. If you’d like to donate snacks to share with the class, you may do so and I will give them out as they are available. Thank you in advance for all your contributions!