Color of the Day

We will be celebrating a color of the day for the first three days of school. On each day, your child is invited to wear the color specified on the list below. This is a fun way we build community and practice color identification. While we will introduce all of the same colors the other kindergarten classes will be learning over the first two weeks of school, room 10 will participate in "color of the day" activities for only the first three days, and for only the primary colors, so that we may devote additional time to other important learning after those first days. Your child is welcome to dress in the color of the day for all colors if he or she would like to!


The colors of the day we will be celebrating are:

Wednesday, August 9th- Red

Thursday, August 10th - Yellow

Friday, August 11th - Blue

The remaining colors of the day are:

Monday, August 14th - Orange

Tuesday, August 15th - Green

Wednesday, August 16th - Purple

Thursday, August 17th - Brown

Friday, August 18th - Black