school supplies


Supply List for Miss Gaynor 2018-2019


1) 4 plastic pocket folders (not black)

2) 1 individual hand held pencil sharpener

3) Healthy Snacks! (ongoing)

4) 1 composition book (wide ruled)

5) 1 spiral notebook (not black)

6) 1 box of tissues

7) 1 pack/container antibacterial wipes

8) 1 package glue sticks

9) 1-1" three ring binder (not black)

10) 1 roll of paper towels

11) 1 hand soap (not sanitizer)

12) 1 package of Post-its

13) Clorox wipes


Please note:  These supplies are communal.  They are shared by all students.  Do not put your child’s name on any of these items.  Supplies in plain colors (without designs) work best.  Your child may not receive the notebook he/she purchases because we are a sharing community.