school supplies


Supply List for Miss Gaynor 2017-2018


1)   Two plastic pocket folders

2)   Healthy snacks (ongoing)

3)   One composition notebook (wide ruled)

4)   One pack/container anti-bacterial wipes

5)   One binder (1 inch, 3 ring)

6)   One box of tissue

7)   One bottle of hand sanitizer

8)   One box of paper clips (any size)

9)   One box of crayons

10) One box of markers

·      No pencils are necessary. We have plenty!



Please note:  These supplies are communal.  They are shared by all students.  Do not put your child’s name on any of these items.  Supplies in plain colors (without designs) work best.  Your child may not receive the notebook he/she purchases because we are a sharing community.