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Final Weeks!!!

Dear Families, I cannot begin to express how much I have appreciated your support over the course of this school year. It truly has been a blessing to have spent my days with your amazing children. Thank you for all the words of affirmation and goodies you shared with me in lieu of Teacher Appreciation Week! I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you. As we bring this...
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Updated Link!

Families, I was told the original link I posted only shared one photo. Let's see if THIS ONE works better! You should have access to hundreds of photos...  Thanks for your patience, Miss B. (: 
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Photos & More!

Dear Families, After over a week apart, it has been so lovely reuniting with your children this morning! I am so grateful we were able to make it to Grand Canyon after all. Thank you so much to all who helped make this possible! Additionally, a huge thanks to the chaperones who endured the adventure with us! Click HERE to access photos of our 4th graders from throughout the year. I...
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Grand Canyon Packing List

Dear Families, I'm excited to see everyone  tomorrow  at  6 a.m. ! Click to download the  PACKING LIST   to ensure your child has everything they need!  Thank you to all who responded to let me know you received my test call. Expect to hear from me tomorrow evening when we're about one hour away from returning to the school. If all goes smoothly, we...
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Grand Canyon is HAPPENING!

Dear Families, I am sure you have heard by now... Schools are unfortunately closed again  tomorrow... BUT!  Our Grand Canyon trip is still on! I'll be sending an email  tomorrow  reminding you what to pack (most importantly: a sack lunch, comfy shoes, layered clothes, and lots of water). We'll pass out our field trip t-shirts in the morning and do a little...
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