Mrs. Chelsea Vicars

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Welcome to K-1 with Mrs. Vicars! 

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I completed my year-long student teaching experience in 1st grade at Zaharis throughout 2012. After graduation, I taught kindergarten in the Roosevelt School District and worked with thirty-one English Language Learning students. I have spent four years teaching kindergarten at Zaharis, where I was meant to end up! I kicked off year number five on an amazing adventure with my mentor teacher, as we teach K-1! Here's to year six with the second year in K-1! Fasten your seat belts! I am excited to witness all the discoveries, connections, and learning that will happen on a daily basis in the classroom. 

I graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Elementary Education, and completed my MA in Early Childhood Education during the summer of 2014! Who knows, maybe my PhD will be coming up soon! I have a dream in addition to teaching kindergarten, to one day teach future educators and inspire them as they are on their journey to teach the children of our future. I have enjoyed every opportunity to apply my new learning inside the classroom and see how the children develop as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, social-scientists, investigators and artists. 

Graduation 2014

I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1998. I decided to move up to the Phoenix area from Tucson, in 2008, to attend Arizona State University. I bought a house in 2010, and am loving the responsibility and challenge of being a homeowner. I am the oldest of three children, and have two younger brothers. I enjoy spending time outdoors; camping, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming, and enjoy sports; football, basketball, and baseball. 

I have a nine year old puggle named Lola, whom I love taking out for walks, trips to the dog park, and she also LOVES swimming in the pool to fetch her tennis ball. She has a brother, Bentlea a six year old boxer, and she LOVES having someone to play with!

I'm got married this October! It's been quite the transition with the kiddos trying to call me Mrs. Vicars, especially the kiddos who have been with me for a year now! I was reunited three and a half years ago with Mark after 10 years, as we knew each other in High School. 



I have found my passion, which is teaching, especially with early childhood education students. Teaching is the most rewarding career, and I enjoy every experience I have had, and will have in the future. I am able to witness child development every day, and there isn't anything I'd rather be doing.