K-1 Classroom Supplies

In K-1, we use a community approach with supplies. All items donated are dispersed evenly among the children. Please also don't place your child's name on the supplies. Please keep all "special" supplies at home for homework. Here are some things we use throughout the year. (Don't feel like you must purchase everything! Get what you can and leave the rest to me.)

·         Composition notebooks (2)

·         Primary composition notebook (1)

·         3 ring binder-1” (solid color)

·         3 x 5 solid color spiral notebook

·         Crayola Crayons

·         Crayola Washable Markers

·         #2 Pencils-Ticonderoga

·         Fat Elmer’s Glue Sticks

·         Elmer’s Glue Bottles

·         Lysol Wipes

·         Hand Sanitizer


Wish List Items

·         Country Time Lemonade

·         Paper plates, bowls, cups

·         Plastic forks, spoons

·         Ziploc bags (sandwich, gallon, snack)

·         Used/Broken Electronics

·         Scented Candles

·         Thematic stickers (i.e. animals, characters, etc)



*We have a project planned for the first two months of school that requires the use of recycled materials such as cereal boxes, granola boxes, paper towel rolls, etc. If you can save any of these items, please send these in with your child during the month of August. Ideally, we need cardboard materials that can be easily cut. Thank you for your help and support. Also, if anyone has any connections to get unused and same size pizza boxes please let us know. We will need approximately 50 by October.