These are some items that we need throughout the year if you would like to help:

In room 14, we use a community approach with supplies. All items donated are dispersed evenly among the children. Please also don't place your child's name on the supplies. Please keep all "special" supplies at home for homework. Here are some things we use throughout the year. (Don't feel like you have to purchase everything! Get what you can and leave the rest to me.)

 Student Supplies:

  • Black and white composition notebook (3 each)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Crayola Crayons
  • #2 Pencils
  • Fat Elmer's glue sticks)
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Healthy Snacks (needed every few months)

Teacher "Wish List" Supplies:

  • Cardstock (all colors)
  • Copy Paper (all colors)
  • Scented Candles
  • tissue paper of all colors
  • buttons
  • raffia
  • straws
  • ribbon
  • stickers
  • Plastic forks, spoons
  • Paper bowls, plates, cups
  • Broken electronics for tinkering time
  • Recyclable materials for creation station
  • Any old toys planned for goodwill 

Special Items:

SNACKS:  Healthy Snack Calendar

__a backpack without wheels, with your child’s name

__a labeled lunch box with name and room # or lunch money ( cash or in a sealed/labeled envelope with your child’s name and room #14 or make weekly check out to Zaharis Elementary with your child’s name clearly marked on the check)

___children are welcome to have a water bottle labeled with their name.


Thank you parents, for supplying so many of the things that we use in k-1. It's truly appreciated! 

Ms. Mercer