February 20th-February 23rd

***Homework for TONIGHT (for EVERYONE)!!! Tomorrow is the 120th day of school! We are asking that you have your child work on ways to count to 120, groups of 5's groups of 10's, groups of 2's, or even 1's if they want, and count out a snack item. We would like to compare what 120 looks like in terms of a food item to eventually create a 'trail mix' snack for the class. What does 120 raisins look like versus 120 pretzels? How about 120 cheerios versus 120 animal crackers? We are asking that you please ensure you are providing a snack item that is yellow and red dye free as well as peanut and tree nut free. You can send it in a ziploc bag, but our requirement is that it is 120 of that snack of whatever you choose. We will be sharing our 120 of a snack item before creating our trail mix.***

We are currently working on a money unit, and working on teaching the value of each coin, and how to create combinations of coins, and ultimately different ways to make a dollar. The kids are earning money for the jobs they do, random acts of kindness, and more. They are able to cash in their money for things, like a lunch date with me, a chance to guest read, candy, computer time, a play date and more. It's up to them if they want to save their money for bigger options, and they are becoming responsible for their money and knowing what to do with it. It's incredible what's already happening after a week, and the kids are loving the chance to earn money. It's also increasing their random acts of kindness, their willingness to help in the classroom, and how much they are on task. :] 

For our current Project Based Learning experience, we are looking for volunteers on February 27th. We will need help painting our projects and need a few volunteers within two time frames. If you are available from 8-10 am or 12-2, please e-mail me to let me know. You will just be pulling a few kiddos at a time to paint with them. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help us on this Tuesday. :]

March 2nd is our field trip to Tempe Center for the Arts. We will be seeing “A Snowy Day.” Thank you to everyone able to donate. Chaperones are: Sharla Wellman, Michael Welker, Yesenia Ortega, Daniel Corona, and Ashley Jeffery.  You will have to send in $10.00 for your ticket ASAP if you haven't already!  Lunches will be prepared from the school for Rylie, Lilly, Jonah, Samuel, and Sophia. All others should bring a sack lunch the day of the field trip. 


Scholastic book orders will be re-opened and new flyers are coming soon! www.scholastic.com/bookclubs

Class code: M9HG2

I will close this order out on Friday March 9th!!

We are having a Literacy Conference here at Zaharis on March 3rd! If you or someone you know would like to join us check out www.mpsaz.org/zaharis/literacyconference for more information! If you sign up let me know! I'm hosting a breakout session all about how to include literacy into STEAM like we have been with our friends in room 4! There will be three breakout sessions from Zaharis teachers, and Keynote speeches from Donalyn Miller and Jennifer Nielsen! Last year was INCREDIBLE, so I can't wait to see what this year holds for us! Lunch is included in the price of the conference. Teachers, parents, students, and whoever wants to join is welcome! The more the merrier! 

DON'T FORGET March 8th from 1-2pm is an upcoming parent celebration to be on the lookout for right before SPRING BREAK which is March 10th to the 18th.  

March 9th is early release at 11:45 am. 

March 10-18th is Spring Break, No School.

March 30th, is a Spring Holiday, No School. 


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