Our field trip to the Discovery Museum was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who joined us. I really think it gave the kids a great perspective of what building can create! I hope you enjoyed receiving our images as the day progressed. It was so much fun!

Don't forget on September 26th we will be having our first Community celebration from 12 to 1:15. Mark your calendars so that everyone is able to join!
Thank you to Mrs. Armstrong for donating the 45 pizza boxes so our community can begin our next project... yes we must begin before we have even completed our first project celebration. Tis the K1 life:) 
As always a new Scholastic book order month is ready for your purchasing! Shop away so that you are ready for the holidays :-) if you place an order we will be sure to close it out by the end of every month. Halloween books are always really fun before the holiday. Not to mention we will be doing an epic Halloween celebration of animal carcasses October 30th! Any teaching from home on the circle of life is much appreciated;) M9HG2


This week your child will be coming home with their first homework  or their first topic bag. Here is the rundown:

If your child came home with traditional homework that means you will find a notebook with papers in it as well as a new math book. The math book is to stay at home for pages assigned throughout the year. The homework composition book is to be used for whatever you need as you help your child study their word study words and no excuse words for the week. 
Every Thursday your child will be tested one on one with their no excuse words as well as their word study words. Please return the composition book on Thursday! All of these things are given according to your child's needs. If they do not test correctly on the "no excuse" words they will have to repeat until mastered. The word study words will always change according to the current weeks study. Your child is in a smaller group according to their developmental readiness for these words. Your child will also continue to receive a passage for daily reading purposes. The first night you should assist your child in reading the passage together. Have them draw pictures next to words that are hard to decode. The next day have your child reread the passage and highlight any words that are common use. For example "no excuse" words like a, and, I, in, on, the, etc... your child will finally be tested on Fridays for reading fluency of the passage. If they seem to need more time for fluency they will receive the passage again the following week. If your child seems to have mastered the passage they will be able to move forward with a new passage the following week. Please keep in mind that rereading the same piece is very good for a child's reading success! Homework should never take more than 20 minutes. If your child seems to take longer then slow down and do less each night. This is a continuation of what we do in class and should never be a entire new school day of learning. We appreciate everything you do at home to continue the success of your child's academic experience. At first this may seem overwhelming for both you and your child. We promise within 5 weeks it will become routine and expected if you stick with it!
We are doing work in class to continue the study of words both "word study and no excuse" even if your child is not doing traditional homework.
If your child is doing a topic bag then they have brought home a chosen topic today. It should be full of books on given topic as well as a math game and an activity. Complete these things at your leisure and have your child return the bag when they feel they have completed it. You may use the reflection book how you feel needed. If your child is still working on letter sounds and identification then be sure to use this topic bag as a way to have them start to isolate letter names and sounds. You would always read the book but then question them here and there on a letter name and sound. Please be sure to keep all parts of the topic bag intact. They took us a long time to create.
On September 11th our school will be celebrating Patriots Day. If you are a civil worker like police officer or firefighter please join us at 7:50 in the courtyard in uniform so we can celebrate your heroism in keeping America free! We will be having a short ceremony with a flag raising and song until about 8:30. It is always a very American Pride day! I hope some of my amazing parents will make it if not working.
On Wednesday September 12th we will be having a half day of school for teachers' professional development. School will be released at 11:45.
We are off to another amazing week! Every day we have new exciting things to be curious about. Be sure you are asking your child about the details of the day. What did your teacher read to you? What crafts did you do? What math games did you play? What friends did you talk to? Kids have a hard time of recalling general questions, the more specific you get the better their answers will become! Recall is a developmental stage they are ready for. Be practicing with the recall of each day. We love you all and are thankful you are so involved in your child's journey in K1.
Much love,
Chelsea and Julie


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