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Get ready for an amazing year!

  • Dive into some thrilling books and join a Book Club, where you can discuss your thoughts and connections with friends!
  • Master your multiplication and division skills, then use them to track down "The Lost Tribe of the Tocowans" in an exciting cooperative math game!
  • Investigate fascinating scientific topics including plants & animals, weather, the water cycle, and electricity & magnetism!
  • Build a parade float to teach all about one of Arizona's 15 fabulous counties, then wheel it around the school in our annual Arizona County Float Parade!
  • Become a more dynamic writer by learning helpful "tricks of the trade" used by actual published authors, and incorporating them into your writing!
  • Journey to Grand Canyon and experience one of the natural wonders of the world firsthand as you hike and explore along the incredible South Rim!

All this and more awaits you as you enter your 4th grade year in Room 16!
Can't wait to get started?  Neither can I!