Grading System


The intermediate (4-6) report card looks different than the primary (K-3) report card. The biggest difference is that there are now letter grades, as well as numbers. These letter grades do not always correspond directly to the numbers assigned to each academic skill. (For example, an A does not always equal a 4.) The letter grades are a representation of a student's average grades for all assignments in a given subject. while the numbers represent the student's proficiency level for each skill.

Most of your child's assignments will be graded according to the following district-wide system:

A = 100% - 90%
B= 89% - 80%
C = 79% - 70%
D =  69% - 60%
F =  59% and below

Click here to view a sample of the report card

Students who earn all A's and B's (with no scores below a 3 in the areas of effort or behavior) will receive an Honor Roll certificate and ribbon. Students have the opportunity to earn this award each quarter.