Our Classroom Economy:

This year you will have the opportunity to BECOME responsible and frugal. Each person in the class will have the privilege of having a job.  You will earn a salary and bonus money, pay rent on your desk (condo) and fines for unacceptable behavior.  If you can save enough money, you will be able to purchase your condo!  If you save even more you may be able to purchase someone else’s condo, and they will pay rent to you.

Rent:  $800.00 per month

Condo Purchase: $2400.00


$650.00/month for bankers, librarians, absent monitor, photographers, and file clerks

$600.00/month for all other jobs

There will be an auction at the end of the year where you can spend extra money you have and there will be opportunities to purchase items or special privileges and use your money in class.

You may also earn money in other ways.

Bonus Money Opportunities:

  • Orchestra                                            $100/month
  • Band                                                    $100/month
  • Choir (when in session)                      $100/month
  • ZBC                                                     $100/month
  • Media Squad                                        $100/month
  • Post Office                                           $100/month
  • ELP                                                      $100/month
  • Perfect attendance                               $100/month
  • All work turned in on time                     $100/month
  • Clean desk                                           $50/week
  • Excellent work                                      amount varies
  • Excellent Behavior                                amount varies
  • Teacher compliments                          amount varies

Or you might lose money...


  • Tardy                                      $50
  • Missing homework                 $50
  • Messy Desk                           $50
  • Rudeness                               $100
  • Dishonesty                             $500 (and loss of trust)
  • Bathroom during class           $10
  • Tipping Chairs                         $50
  • Other unconstitutional behavior amount varies