Homework Time

Students will have a homework folder that will be taken home daily along with an agenda.  Thirty to fifty minutes of homework can be expected on a nightly basis.  A parent/guardian must sign the agenda once homework has been completed.  This signature indicates that your parent/guardian has seen your completed homework (including your reading).

Homework Schedule:

(This is subject to change, but gives an idea of what to expect).

Monday through Thursday - 20 minutes of reading

                                              10 - 30 minutes of math reinforcement

                                               Spelling/ Handwriting practice

                                               (possible) Social Studies / Science

Most Fridays there will be no homework!


During the 20 minutes of reading please be sure your student is in a quiet spot where they can get "in the zone" and really enjoy the book they're reading.  They need to have an uninterrupted period of time to get the most out of their book.  This is the most important part of their homework!


Student will have math homework on a regular basis. This will include completing Tenmarks (Tenmarks.com) and or math facts. We will begin with subtraction and multiplication facts and later add division facts.


Each week students will learn a grouping of words. These will vary depending on the concept or skill we are working on at the time. Students will learn spelling rules, syllables, and appropriate letter formation.  We will work on this in class, and then they will have spelling and possibly penmanship practice for homework nightly.

Social Studies and Science

Since 5th grade spends a lot of time in Social Studies and Science, from time to time you may see additional homework in these areas. This may consist of unfinished work during class time. If you begin to see a pattern in extra homework, additional encouragement from you may help your student to complete their work during class time.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I am happy to help.