Classroom Community:

Cooperation is very important in a successful learning environment. A top priority in our classroom will be to create a community of respect, kindness, and cooperation among peers. During the first week of school we will be creating a classroom constitution that will provide guidelines and expectations; enabling us to foster this type of environment.


Being a part of our classroom is critical. Please use the restroom during morning and lunch recess. Additional trips to the restroom may result in paying a fine out of your Z-bill account. (Exceptions will be made for individual circumstances.) Please make me aware of concerns that arise throughout the year. 


Drinks in the Classroom:

Drinking enough water is extremely important, especially here in the desert.  Please use the following guidelines: drinks are never to be taken during instruction, discussion or read aloud.  Water bottles are allowed as long as they do not leak or drip onto work and are filled with water (no Gatorade or other flavored drinks).  If water bottles become a distraction they will be relocated.


Daily Snacks

Proper nutrition impacts student learning. Providing a daily snack for your child will give them every advantage to be a successful thinker.



Throughout the year I will keep a collection of your work. This will not only limit the amount of work sent home but will also go us the opportunity to share our accomplishments at the end of the year during our parent celebration.


 Parent Celebrations:

This will be held twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. Please try to make every effort to attend, for your child will be leading this celebration and will look forward to sharing with you. I will send out additional information about the scheduled dates as it gets closer.


Pencil Sharpening:

Sharpening pencils during class is distracting.  You may sharpen your pencils first thing in the morning or during pack and stack at the end of the day.  If one pencil breaks, you should have a back-up, or you may trade it with a sharp one from my pencil pot.  You may bring your own covered pencil sharpener. You could also choose the option of using a mechanical pencil because those are easy and quick to sharpen. :) All work must be done in pencil.  Ink pens are only used for grading.  



We will take a few minutes before lunch to wash our hands.  Lunch is a very important part of the day. Please remember to take time to eat. You will have plenty of time to play on the playground. Please refrain from returning to the classroom.



Students are assigned several books to use throughout the year.  If these books are lost or damaged, the student will pay the replacement costs. These books are expensive, so please keep track of them!



Birthdays are such special days and we love sharing them with you.  As an Active and Healthy school, we believe in making healthy choices. If you plan to bring in treats please make them healthy.  Be creative!  Fruit snacks, crackers, fruits, vegetables, or even erasers, or other trinkets all are appropriate items.  June and July birthdays will be celebrated throughout the year. More information will be sent home to those individuals.