Special Events 


Maniac Magee Celebration

As a culminating activity for our first literature study, students will prepare and present projects based on the book Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.  Zeps and butterscotch krimpets (food from the book) will be enjoyed by all.


pyramidsIMAX Movie Presentation

Students travel to Arizona Mills IMAX to see Mysteries of Egypt on the big screen.  We are able to pay for buses and admission thanks to extra ECA donations. 


tutMummification / Death Masks

Students will participate in various hands-on mummification experiments.  They will also create their own death masks from plaster casting materials in class.  Decorations may include paint, feathers, jewels, etc.


 Space Shuttle Simulation

A quick trip over to Fremont will send us miles into space.  Sixth graders will spend the day earning oxygen points in order to get our astronauts safely back on land.  It will be a blast!

greekGreek Olympics

During our study of Ancient Greece students will participate in fun Olympic events.  This will be one of the many hands-on learning experiences in which students will participate during this unit of study.


greekmaskGreek Play

“It’s All Greek To Me” is the name of our annual Greek play.  Students will have the opportunity to try out for various parts.  The play will take place in late January.  There will be a school day and an evening performance.  This is an optional activity.


knightingKnighting Ceremony

Students will have the opportunity to complete several challenges to prove their chivalry and bravery.  Those who complete these tasks will be “knighted” in a special sixth grade ceremony.


feastMedieval Feast

To enhance our study of the Middle Ages, students will take part in an authentic Medieval feast.  Students will dress up in Medieval attire and bring a food assignment to share.  Entertainment will be provided by members of the court (fellow sixth graders).


flagsphereWorld’s Fair

After an in-depth study of countries from around the world, students will share their research at a “World’s Fair.”  Families and guests will be invited to attend.


shamuSeaWorld Trip

In April, the sixth grade will make its annual oceanography research trip to SeaWorld, San Diego.  More information will be provided at the SeaWorld parent meeting in January.


graduationPromotion Assembly

The sixth grade promotion ceremony will be held on the last Wednesday during the school day.  Invitations will be sent out in the spring.  Families and guests will be invited to attend.