SeaWorld Field Trip Information
Our trip is scheduled for April 20-21, 2017

The SeaWorld field trip is the culminating event for sixth graders at Zaharis. It is an overnight trip. The following video gives detailed information about the itinerary, cost, and chaperone opportunities. We hope the availability of this information online makes it more convenient for you to watch, read, and revisit at any time. Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered in the video or on this webpage. Thanks!

Parent Information Video

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay through ECA online? When is payment due?

Go to

Choose Zaharis 6th Grade for your donation.

Payment is due on February 22nd.

Can I donate extra to support students who may not be able to afford the entire $250? Can someone else donate through ECA for my child?

Yes, please donate as much as you want. If you are single, only $200 can be donated through ECA. But, if you are married, you can donate up to $400. You can also have someone else donate in your child's behalf. If you do, please send in a note to your child's teacher so they know who to be looking for when checking off payments.

How are groups assigned?

We want your child to feel comfortable and excited about the others they will be in a group with.  We ask them to list 3-4 other students they want in their groups and then we organize them taking that into consideration. We work really hard to ensure everyone has at least one person from their friend list (if not more).

What are the sleeping arrangements in the dorm rooms at SeaWorld?

Each dorm room has 18 beds. We place students of the same gender and chaperones of the same gender in the rooms. There are also separate bathroom facilities for boys, girls, men, and women.

How secure are the dorms?

When we get to the dorms and are assured everyone is with us, the SeaWorld staff shuts and locks the gates behind us.  We then enter SeaWorld proper from a back gate and don't leave the property till the following day when it is time to get back on the buses.  

Do some students actually sleep with the sharks?

Actually, the answer is YES! Because we have so many students, we fill up all eight dorm rooms with a group left over! We choose a group of students and chaperones to sleep on the floor in the Shark Encounter, an exhibit in the park. Those sleeping with the sharks need to bring extra padding to go under their sleeping bags. In addition, they will not have access to showers.

What should I do with my child's medication?

If your child has medications they will need to take during the trip they need to be given to Ms. Klem by Monday, April 17th.  They need to be in their original prescription bottle with the correct dosage on the bottle itself. Any over-the-counter medications need to be sent in their original packaging with dosage information clearly written on them.

How much spending money does my child need for the trip?

None. The simple answer is your child needs no spending money for this trip. If you would like to send them with some money for a snack or souvenir inside the park, use your discretion.  Please do not send them with more money than you are willing to lose.  

What would I need to do to be a chaperone?

After receiving the paperwork from your child's teacher, you need to fill out the chaperone forms. They need to be returned no later than January 31st to be considered for the trip. If a form is not turned in, you will not be considered. Chaperones will be notified one way or another by February 14th.

What is the cost for chaperones?

The cost of the trip is $250. This amount cannot be paid through ECA so a check should be made to Zaharis Student Funds once you are notified.