Science Camp Important Information

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Hi Families,
Below are the links to 3 important areas where we need your help. 

Donations Needed

In order to pull off this big event, we really need your help. Please click on the link below:
If you are interested in attending science camp as a chaperone, please fill out the following form:
All those who are interested must fill out this form by Wednesday, November 22nd. At that time we will conduct a lottery based on the number of beds that are available. This number changes each year based on which cabins are made available for our use.

Use ECA to Pay

1. ECA can be done online free of charge through WebPay.  Or they mail it to the district.  $200.00 for single, $400.00 for joint.
2. Pay online through WebPay for a small fee.  I have attached instructions on how to do this.
3. Send in cash or check payable to Zaharis Student Funds.
Science camp is the highlight of the year for the students. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and work to pull off this lasting memory.


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