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Hi Families,

Happy Monday! It was great seeing you last week at conferences. Report cards went home last Friday if you did not schedule a conference. Please sign and send in the yellow envelope. 

This week: 

Math: Last week we took a math quiz over equivalent fractions, simplest form, greatest common factors and least common multiples. Student received their test back and are able to make corrections for additional points. Please have them complete these corrections on a separate sheet of paper, along with your signature so that I know that you have seen it.  We began addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators and will move on to story problems, mixed numbers, and improper fractions this week. 

***As students work through their homework each night, I am asking that they take a minute to teach you one of their problems. Many students leave here feeling that they understand how to solve the problem, but in fact, they have not spent the time taking the notes or have relied on doing the work mentally. I have seen many mental mistakes that affect their scores because there was no way for them to check their work.  Research has shown that if a person can teach the concept to another person, then they truly understand it. Please allow them 5 minutes each night to teach you the problem. They will have a better understanding and find thier mistakes. 

Math Facts: As you may already be aware, students will have a timed math fact sheet for both multiplication and division each night. 3 minutes for multiplication and 4 minutes for division. Every Friday they will be tested and a score will be recorded. Students that MASTER their facts 121/121 in both areas will be released from doing the daily practice, but will still take the weekly test. Please encourage your students to practice and learn their facts. This will help with their daily math skills. 

Wriiting: We have just finished writing our constellation stories and will begin memior stories this week. This gives students the opportunity to share their personal stories and learn revision and editing strategies to bring their story to life. 

Reading Workshop: Our literature study is Touching Spirit Bear. This is a great story to learn many different elements of literature. At the completion of this book we will create a character sketch that reflects the change in the characters.


Parent Chaperone Meeting Reminder: If you are a parent that is chaperoning Science Camp, please join us this Thrusday Jan. 25th at 5:30 pm in room 26. We will then split you into teaching groups so that you are aware of what you will be teaching and be available to answer any questions you may have. 


Science Camp Dues

Just a reminder that Science Camp paperwork and payment are due by the end of this week. If you have any quesitons or concerns, please let me know. We want every student to have the opportunity to attend this event without the worry of financial burden.  We are happy to help.


***If you have volunteered to send in Science Camp supplies, please send them in ASAP. We are in the process of checking off these items so that we know what items still need to be purchased. 


Thanks for all you do to show support for our learing. 




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