5th Grade Supply List

Room 27

Students will keep track of their own items and use them throughout the year. However, some of the items will be shared as a class and will need to be replenished throughout the year. I will let you know when we are getting low, and if you are able to send in replacement items I would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know if you are having difficulty retrieving these items. I am happy to help.

Student Use:

·        1- Pencil box (to be kept in their desk)

·        1 - 2 boxes of 12 pencils (You may choose to use mechanical pencils)

·         3-  Plastic pocket folders with clips (red, blue and green) durable for carting homework to and from class each 

          day, and for keeping papers in desks each day.

·        3-  Standard sized composition notebooks for spelling, reading and math workshop

·        1- 1 1/2" 3 ring binder (with clear view for putting a cover sheet on.  These will be their portfolios for the year)

.         1- 1/2" 3 ring binder to keep in their desk.

·        1-  Pkg. of erasers (pencil tops or square)

·        FINE TIP White board markers for student use (blue or black)

·        2 -Glue sticks

·        1-  Colored pen (other than blue or black - red, pink, purple, orange, etc.)

·        3-  Spiral notebooks- perforated (for writing, science and social studies, not to be shared with class)

·        1-  Package of colored pencils 

·        Personal pencil sharpener to keep at their desks

·        1-  Pair of scissors for their own personal use

.        1-   Regular fine point sharpie

·        Small calculator (optional)

Classroom Use:

.         Post-it notes- any size, or amount

.         1-2 pkgs of college ruled paper

.         1-2 boxes of additional pencils (We can ALWAYS use more pencils!)

.         1-2 boxes of tissues

.         1 bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer

***This year I am stocked with post-it notes, tissues and antibacterial hand sanitizer. No need to send it in. I will let you know if and when we are running low. 

Wish List:

.        Dry-Erase Markers- assorted colors

.        Ultra Fine Black Sharpie Markers

Thank you for all your help.  I know this year will be successful with all of us working together.