Update 2/21

Happy Wednesday,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I truly enjoyed the extra day of recovery after such a fun week at science camp.


-Today we started book clubs. Each night your child will come home with a book they chose and assigned page numbers to read for the next 10 days, (none on Fridays or the weekend). The dates are listed on their bookmark. Each night (starting tomorrow) they are to record things they have either noticed, wondered, questioned or connected to during their reading by posting on Google Classroom, please let me know if they is not a way for your child to have internet access.  Please remind them to bring their book club book back each day. We will be pulling groups for discussions. 


-Friday is Wear Your Science Camp Shirt Day. We want all 5th grade to show their science camp pride. 


-We are finishing A Long Walk to Water, which is a story of a "Lost Boy"/refugee from the 1983 civil war in Sudan. On Monday, at 9 am we are excited to have Jany, one of the Lost Boys to come speak to our school.  The presentation is about an hour long, starts with a video, then he will speak about his personal experience of him long water, and then ends with answering questions. 


-Don't forget to post your science camp pictures in Dropbox. I sent out a link to this site in a previous newsfeed. 

Have a great week!



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