Expectations & Procedures

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Classroom Community:

In room 26 we become a family! An essential part of our experience will be building and maintaining our classroom community.  How we interact with one another will directly influence the feel of and the learning that takes place in our classroom.  Therefore, the first week of school we will be creating a classroom constitution that will provide guidelines and expectations, enabling us to foster an environment of kindness and learning. We create a space that feels safe for everyone, and we work constantly to avoid bullying, include everyone, make only appropriate and helpful comments, and to truly be there for one another whether we are "best friends" or not.


You have time during morning and lunch recess, and I do expect you to use those times wisely. It is important that you are in the classroom as much as possible so you don't miss out on any of our exciting learning! However, I know there are times when it is necessary to use the restroom. Just know it will cost you some Z-bills! (Exceptions will be made on an individual basis).  Please make me aware of concerns that arise throughout the year.

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Drinking enough water is extremely important, especially here in the desert.  Please use the following guidelines:  Water bottles are allowed as long as they have a lid, do not leak or drip onto work, and are filled with water (no Gatorade or other flavored drinks).  If water bottles become a distraction they will be taken away. There is a water fountain located in the back of our classroom.

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Pencil Sharpening

All work is to be done in pencil. You may choose to use mechanical pencils or lead pencils.
If one pencil breaks, you should have a back-up, or you may trade it with a sharp one from my pencil basket. You may sharpen your pencils first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Sharpening pencils during class is distracting.

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Classroom Library

Students are encouraged to read often! Our classroom is stocked with a great selection of books for students to choose from. I ask that you treat these books with great care so that other students are given the chance to read them also. When you are done using a book, please promptly return it to the correct bin of our library.
Feel free to donate any age appropriate books to our classroom library!

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School Books

Students are assigned several books to use throughout the year.  If these books are lost or damaged, the student will pay the replacement costs, so please keep track of them!

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Birthdays are such special days and we love sharing them with you. If you plan to bring in treats please make sure you have enough for the entire class! Treats, fruit snacks, crackers, fruits, vegetables, or even erasers, or other trinkets all are appropriate items. June and July birthdays will be celebrated on their half birthdays, throughout the year.

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