Supplies List

The items are useful and necessary but if you are not able to get them for any reason, please let me know. I will make sure every student is provided for. If you find you have extra of these items and would like to donate them to the class for another student that would also be much appreciated.

Please bring in your supplies on Meet the Teacher Night, August 7th.


Your child will need these items:

  • 1 1/2" 3 ring binder (with clear view cover)

  • 3 College Ruled Spiral Notebooks

  • Pack of Pencils

  • Pack of Colored Pencils

  • Pencil box or case (to keep an organized desk)

  • Dry Erase Markers (at least 4 but the more the merrier!)

  • Boxes of Tissues

  • Disinfecting Wipes


For the class:

Donations of any of the following items would greatly benefit our classroom community! Please consider bringing at least two items from this list.


  • Box of Plastic Sleeve Protectors!!!!! (We will use lots!)

  • Post-it Flags

  • Duck Tape

  • Packing Tape

  • Masking Tape!

  • Scotch Tape or Tape dispenser rolls!

  • Glue Gun (New or Used)

  • Glue Gun Sticks

  • Highlighters!

  • FLAIR Pens