What is a "Letter Expert?"

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This framework allows for students to begin using letters and sounds in their writing and reading immediately.

 We will begin on Monday, Aug. 20st.  Each letter is accompanied by a poem and a mini “poster”.  See bottom of page for an example of the poster. I will send home the letter worksheet (and a piece of cardstock to glue everything on) in the blue Zaharis folder the Friday before your child's letter is due.


 Each day a “Letter Expert” will introduce that letter to the class. That child will be the “expert” on that particular letter. The homework assignment will be to practice the letter sound, the letter poem and the letter expert worksheet. The worksheet has the child practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letter, circling the letter, gluing the letter puzzle together and coloring pictures that begin with this letter. Please have your child do their best coloring and writing.

After introducing the sound, we practice the sound together and we talk about words that begin and end with that sound.  We will also practice writing that letter as a class.

This is an engaging and fun way for each student to be successful with letter recognition as well as phonemic awareness. As we all know, we learn best by teaching others and this gives each child an opportunity to have that experience.  Children also need opportunities to feel special and to speak in front of a “safe” audience. This is their chance to practice that skill as well. Please practice with your children to help them be prepared and to make this a fun experience for them. 

Thank you!letter poster sample