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Thanksgiving Dinner!

Dear families,

This Wednesday is when Thanksgiving dinner is served in the cafeteria. If you would like to join your child and purchase a dinner but did not rsvp please email me and let me know that you are coming. Manager Ruth needs to have an accurate count for adults by today.

A few tips when you come on Wednesday:

Arrive at 10:50 a.m. in the gym and purchase your meal. 

(Please note that strollers are to be kept in the courtyard so that it's less crowded in the gym.)

I will take the class through the children's line and we'll meet up with you.

Once you and your child have your food then you can sit anywhere you'd like. At our table closest to the stage or if there's room in the courtyard, you are welcome to go out there and eat as well.

We also ask that you not send kids to the playground until Mrs. Knott is out there at 11:20 a.m. to supervise.



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Book Bags



I am so pleased to be sending a new and improved reading log! A big THANK YOU goes to Mary Hurst. She has come up with a way to write the book title only one time! Just sign each day that book was read, even if your child reads the book 3 times that day.

The book bags will not come home on Mondays. Instead, the bags will come home on Fridays. I need you to return the books Thursdays. That way your child has the whole weekend to read and reread the books!! Thank you Mary!!

I will be sending home the poetry folders today, so please look for those. The sight word poems are words your child should know. Please have your child read them this week. If you want to keep the poetry folder until Monday that is fine. Otherwise, please return Friday. If a poetry folder does not come home today with your child, that means they never returned the yellow poetry folder the last time these went home.

Children learn to read by reading. Children learn to write by writing.

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Conferences and More!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to come in to discuss your child's progress! It is so nice to spend time discussing, and reflecting, on each child's growth. I enjoy getting to know each of you  a little better as well!

Our Storybook parade will be on Halloween day at 8:30. The children need to be a character from a book, and carry that book with them on the parade. If you need help finding a book for your chosen character, let me know! If I don't have it, our library probably does. 

Family and friends are welcome to come to our Storybook parade. It will be in the bus loop. The whole school will come out to watch as well! Hope you can make it! It will last about 30 minutes max.

Our Halloween party will be in the afternoon at 12:00. I plan on having 4 stations the kids will rotate through. There will be a game, a craft, a treat, and probably another game. If you have an extra hour to spare, and could be in charge of a station, let me know. If you cannot come in that day, but could send something in for the stations, that would be helpful too! If you have a great idea for the party feel free to let me know!! I am flexible and enjoy new ideas!

I will be sending the poetry folders home again on Monday. Please return on Friday. Please read the poems each day. The sight word poems are so helpful to beginning readers!

The book bags that come home have a parent signature page that I have realized gets filled up quickly. I have a parent that will hopefully come up with a better form. For now, just sign the book in one time, and make tally marks to state how many times each book was read. We will save trees that way!!

Thank you for your support this year! I have such a great group of kids!!! Thanks to all of you!!

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Our Big Day!!

Hard to believe, but our performance is just a day away! Parents, you are welcome to come to the 1:00, the 6:00, or both performances!!

For the evening of the performance please have your child in our classroom ( Room 11) by 5:40.  Don't forget to wear a RED shirt! Bottoms are jeans for boys, and skirts, or jeans, for girls. The kids should wear comfy shoes, like tennis shoes. They will all have an engineer hat to wear, so keep that in mind when doing hair-dos!

We are so excited!! We have been working hard! Can't wait!

Please let me know if your child cannot make it for whatever reason!

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An apology!

I started to order the red t-shirts (through Walmart) only to discover they will not get here until August 4th!! I am use to Amazon Prime!! I apologize. I will need you to either pick up your own red t-shirt for the show, or simply have your child wear a red shirt you already have.

I will return the $3.00 to those of you who have already paid. Thank you and I am sorry!!

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