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Last Day!


Lots of things have been coming home these past few days! Please find the DVD that Colleen Gardner worked so hard on! It should have come home today! It highlights the many fun activities we did throughout the year. A huge thank you to Colleen!!

I wanted everyone to know that Sandlyn Miller, another kindergarten teacher at Zaharis, is tutoring over the summer. She does tutoring not just for those students who are behind, but for those who want to stay sharp for the summer and hit the ground running when first grade rolls around!!

If any of you are interested, she will be offering summer tutoring and/or enrichment for students in preschool through second grade (going into third). As of now, it looks like she would be seeing kids on Fridays, for an hour per day. Depending on the amount of interest, she may see students individually or in small groups (no more than three at a time). She typically charges $30 for the hour, and sessions will take place in Room 8 at Zaharis. Please respond to this email if you would like to be added to her list, and include times that would work best for you. Feel free to pass this information along to others who may be looking for summer activities as well!

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Last Week!

Hi Parents,

Our last week will include assessing for report cards! This would be a great time to make sure your child can count to 100, and count by 10's to 100! Review the 3D shapes, they can be tricky! Pull out those sight word flash cards and do a quick review!

There will be some fun next week too!

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Beach Day!


​ families,

Friday ​is
 Beach Day!!! We will spend the
​8:00 - 10:30
 on the playground with wading pools, a giant water slide, sand castles and sunshine!! 

Here are some reminders:
  • I
    ​n the morning the children will go straight to their classroom. The playground will be closed. 
  • Students will wear swimsuits to school, but must have them covered (t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, etc.) - Please send a change of clothes for the children to change into when we come back inside.
  • Sandals, flip flops, sunglasses, hats, are all good ideas.
  • Each child must bring a beach towel labeled with your child's name. 
  • We will be serving snacks which will be provided by all
    ​both ​
    classes and available on the table to share.
  •  If your child has an allergy please send a special label
    ed snack for them to have on the playground.

​Thank you again to the​
 parent volunteers
​ that signed up to help supervise​
​ We will need help taking turns supervising in these areas:

waterslide: Only one child down at a time​
​and they must only go down on their bottom. No belly's or head first sliding. 

snack table: children may help themselves but within reason ;)  

small pools: just making sure children are being safe and kind.
remind kids to reapply sunscreen!


​Please know that i
f you
​ did not sign up to volunteer that you​
can come join us for a half hour, hour or the whole time! Please no siblings for safety reasons! 

Thank you so much for helping make this a special day!!
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Ocean Experts and Beach Day!

On Monday, please check your child's folder for an "Expert Ocean Project" booklet. Please assist your child in filling out facts on an ocean animal. We will be picking out each ocean animal in the classroom.  When the booklets are returned, each child will make a big poster with facts (from their "Expert Ocean Project" booklet) and photos of the ocean animal. The kids need 4 - 6 pictures of their animal. No larger than 4x6. Please send the filled out booklet (at least 3 pages filled in) and the photos of the ocean animal on or before Friday. If you need the weekend, then please send in by Monday the 14th.

Our "Under the Sea" celebration will be on Thursday, May 17th at 8:30. Please save the date!! The children will share their expertise and their posters of their ocean animal.

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Info, Reminders, and Exciting Events!


I hope you all received the letter from Mike regarding the upcoming week, let me know if you did not. I wanted to add that our very own Ms. Brenda would like to offer childcare in her home. She will charge $15 for the day. Before coming to Zaharis, Brenda did a preschool out of her home and continues to watch children after school hours. We know she is highly qualified! Plus, I will gather materials for Brenda, and everyone, to keep those little minds sharp! Ms. Kerri Anne will be helping her out, along with Kerri Anne's daughter. Contact me if you are interested in this, I will then give you Brenda's contact info.



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