Our class will be celebrating a color of the day for the first 8 days of school. This is one of the ways we will start to build community within our classroom. Many students will start school already knowing their colors, but we will also be focusing on learning songs to spell the color words, reading rich literature about colors, doing fun math activities and other great activities that everyone can enjoy. Part of our celebration will be to wear the color we are celebrating each day. Your child can wear an article of clothing: socks, shoelaces, shoes, barrettes, ribbons, bows, nail polish, stickers, whatever you can think of will be fun. Here is the order we will be following:


Wednesday, August 8th -Red

Thursday, August 9th - Yellow

Friday, August 10th - Blue

Monday, August 13th - Orange

Tuesday, August 14th - Green

Wednesday, August 15th - Purple

Thursday, August 16th - Brown

Friday, August 17th - Black