In Kindergarten we eat our snack outside during our recess time each morning. I like parents to donate snacks for the class that are as healthy as possible. If they are packaged it makes it easy to pass out, however the very popular goldfish in the huge containers is much more economical and lasts longer. Dixie cups are a great way to serve those snacks that come in a large quantity. So I will occasionally be asking for those little cups to be donated.

Your child is welcome to bring their own individual snack and a nonspillable water bottle each day.  This is a great option for those with allergies or children that prefer a particular kind of snack each day.  I will serve snack from our snack cupboard to those that don't require a seperate snack.  If you would like to donate to our class snack stash it would be greatly appreciated!  I prefer not to set a schedule but instead have families send in an item when it works out best for you.  I will send home a note in our newsletter when the cupboard is bare!  


**No juice or soda please, only water.