Joining Hearts, Joining Minds

‘When you learn to teach others, you learn to teach yourself.’          


Dear Returning and New K-1 Kiddos,


I can only imagine what we will accomplish this year!


Please mark your calendars for our Joining Hearts, Joining Minds celebration of our K-1 multiage classrooms. At this gathering, your child will meet their teacher and classroom family. The experienced students will take our incoming students on a tour through the school, while we offer the adults with procedural information and answer questions. Yes, this means our returning students should attend! After, the students will enjoy their first lunch together. Please come for our JOINING hearts and minds introduction to set the tone for our journey as a family ahead.

This will take place Saturday, August 4th in your child's classroom from 10am-11:30am. A small lunch will be served. Feel free to bring classroom supplies and any questions you may have. You will no longer need to attend Back to School Night for your K-1 students since we will be exchanging all information at our Saturday event. We recommend only bringing your current K-1 child to the meet and greet. If you cannot attend the August 4th event we will be available on Back to School Night for a short time from 4-4:30pm. 

Here is your child’s first homework assignment to be completed for our August 4th event. Have them select a family photo of their choice in a frame that can be placed on our tables for the year. Select a photo that is in a 4 x 6 or a 5 x 7 size. They will use the photo to choose their seat to begin the year.

We look forward to seeing you soon!  



The K-1 Team:                                                                           

Ms. Chelsea Mercer (soon to be Mrs. Vicars), (480)308-7214

Mrs. Julie Reichert, (480)308-7213