Natalie presenting Expert Project

 Why Teach?


I choose teaching because I love learning; being in the company of children drives my passion. Children are so new to the world of exploration yet they are natural explorers.  I see the potential in every child. Where the discoveries begin the learner and teacher emerge. I too am still a learner, and through our discoveries together in the classroom our journey will never end.

Today teaching is an evolving profession. No classroom or groups of students are the same and no one technique always works. Teaching is listening, assisting, revising and facilitating activities. Through hands-on and interactive studies, the students teach each other as much as I teach them.

Whitney at our To be a teacher is more than academics. Social interaction and collaboration are essential parts to a classroom. The students learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but more importantly I teach strategies for coping with the everyday challenges. Students learn to express themselves through writing, and find connections to literature. They learn to question theories, become critical thinkers and positive members of an ever changing society. I want all of my students to achieve their highest potential; together we will make that happen.