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YeeHaw! Are you ready for a rip-roarin', book-larnin', adventure-takin' good time? Well you are in for a treat. In 5th grade we will be sailing the high seas with the explorers of the New World. We will struggle to survive with the first settlers in America, fight the revolution for our freedom, strive to reunite our country through the Civil War, and go on a trek out West. American History, Math, and Science will come alive as we read and explore great books that will teach and inspire us. 

I hope you are excited to be in 5th grade because I am. This is a fun and exciting year. We will be going to the Planetarium, Science Camp, Flight Center and a Day on the Prairie. We will also learn more about ourselves through our writing, expressing and sharing. Come to class ready to try, learn and succeed. I am very excited to embark with you on this journey of learning. 


I am looking forward to a great year! Please contact me with any questions.


Mr. Cook