Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Schedule

In 5th grade the students are responsible for their grades and their learning. They are able to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as well as make goals for the next quarter. For these conferences the students will be trained in order to run their own conference. Based on your individual needs here are 3 options on how you would like to run this meeting.

1. Student- Parent Conference: The students run the conference and go over their quarter and the report card. The teachers are available for questions as needed.

2. Student-Parent-Teacher Conference: The students run the conference with the teacher there as well with the parents.

3. Parent-Teacher Conference: The students do not attend the conference and the meeting is only between the parents and the teacher. The teacher will go over the information the student has provided as well as the report card.

Tuesday- January 16th

1:30 Sophie S.

1:50 Louis J.

2:10 Shane F.

2:30 Yadira F.

Wednesday- January 17th

1:50 Maddie L.

2:10 Samantha H.

2:30 Jack T.

2:50 Hudson R.

3:10 Rhiana B.

Thursday- January 18th

7:00 am Jake B.

1:30 Jared G.

1:50 Rihanna D.

2:10 Justin D.

4:00 Gaige D.