special events

Explorer Wax Museum (Thurs, Oct 4th)

  • As part of our inquiry into explorers and exploration, the students research an explorer and write a first person paragraph about his goals and accomplishments.  They memorize the paragraph and present their learning in the form of a wax museum.
  • Parents are encouraged to come and be amazed.


MCC Planetarium (Late December)

  • A trip to the MCC Planetarium is a treat.  We get some hands-on activities with MCC students and an out-of this-world experience in the planetarium.
  • Some parent helpers required.
  • Date is still tentative.


Science Camp (February 13-15)

  • We have so much fun spending "3 Days in the Woods" learning about science.  We maintain a busy schedule of rotated classes and activities.  Click here for a list of items needs for camp.
  • Parent helpers required.
  • Payment can be made with an ECA donation.  Please feel free to donate extra to us. Just put "5th grade" in the donation area.  Click here to read more about it...and you can even donate online!



Day on the Prairie (Friday, Mar 29th)

  • Experiencing life on the American prairie in the 1800s is the focus of this special day.  Pioneer costumes, lunch on the trail, and authentic learning activities bring social studies to life.
  • Parent helpers required.


Flight Center (Early May)

  • Students get to simulate how to fly an airplane as well as a helicopter. They learn about forces, motion, friction and gravity.
  • Parent helpers required.