5th Grade Expectations & Procedures

Classroom Community:

In room 20 we become a family! An essential part of our experience will be building and maintaining our classroom community.  How we interact with one another will directly influence the feel of and the learning that takes place in our classroom.  Therefore, the first week of school we will be creating a classroom constitution that will provide guidelines and expectations, enabling us to foster an environment of kindness and learning. We create a space that feels safe for everyone, and we work constantly to avoid bullying, include everyone, make only appropriate and helpful comments, and to truly be there for one another whether we are "best friends" or not. As the students begin to experiment with their greater independence they must also be aware of the need to exercise control over themselves. Appropriate behavior, language and study skills are essential tools in their growth and development. They will be expected to act in a way that brings honor to their families, their school and themselves.


It is important that you are in the classroom as much as possible so you don't miss out on any of our exciting learning! However, I know there are times when it is necessary to use the restroom. :) You have time during morning and lunch recess, and I do expect you to use those times wisely.  If you need an additional trip to the bathroom, that is fine! Just know it will cost you some Z-bills! (Exceptions will be made on an individual basis).  Please make me aware of concerns that arise during the year.

Drinks in the Classroom:

Drinking enough water is extremely important, especially here in the desert.  Please use the following guidelines: Drinks are to be taken one at a time as long as they are not disturbing or distracting the class. Water bottles are allowed as long as they do not leak or drip onto work and are filled with water (no Gatorade or other flavored drinks).  If water bottles become a distraction they will be taken away.


Throughout the year we will be collecting your work in files.  This will allow us to look back on what we have accomplished throughout the year.  Family members are welcome to come and look through portfolios anytime.

Pencil Sharpening:

Sharpening pencils during class is distracting.  You may sharpen your pencils whenever it is not a distraction to instruction or the class in general.  If one pencil breaks, you should have a back-up so you can continue to work. You may bring your own covered pencil sharpener that must be emptied over a trash can.  You could also choose the option of using a mechanical pencil because those are easy and quick to sharpen. :) All work must be done in pencil.  Ink pens are only used for grading.  Math MUST always be done in pencil.


We will take a few minutes before lunch to sanitize hands.  Even though I love to see your smiling face, after you eat, you are to go to the playground.  Do not come back to the classroom.


Students are assigned several books to use throughout the year.  If these books are lost or damaged, the student will pay the replacement costs. These books are expensive, so please keep track of them!


Birthdays are such special days and we love sharing them with you.  Since we are a "Healthy and Active" school, if you plan to bring in treats please make them healthy.  Be creative!  Fruit snacks, crackers, fruits, vegetables, or even erasers, or other trinkets all are appropriate items.  There will be opportunities throughout the year to have celebrations where we will have sweeter goodies but there are too many of us to do this every birthday.  June and July birthdays can be celebrated on their half birthday.

Dress Code:

            The Zaharis dress code for both boys and girls will be strictly enforced. Regular issues include: girls with straps too thin, shorts too short or boys wearing inappropriate T-shirts. See your Handbook for more details about the dress code.


If your child is going to be absent, please call the school office prior to the absence. The attendance phone number is (480) 308-7239 or (480) 308-7242. If you are leaving a message, please indicate your child's classroom number and the reason for the absence. If you do not call the attendance line, the automated phone system will notify you of the absence.  In that case, please call to excuse the absence as soon as possible. 

            Please make every effort to keep your student in school. Try to arrange appointments and special time for the weekends and after school hours. Good attendance shows that school is a priority and prepares good habits for the students in the future. If you would like the work that was missed to be sent to the office at the end of that day, please call the homeroom teacher in the morning. Our classroom phones do not ring during the school day when class is in session, but a message may be left. I will return your call as soon as possible. Email is preferred and checked regularly. If a student needs to leave school in the middle of the day, they must be signed out in the office.