Student reading a book We have a great reading curriculum at Zaharis. 

Zaharis students are in a constant state of becoming readers.  We read to make connections to ourselves, the world, and other texts. We build community bonds through the literature chosen and find deep and meaningful conversations crafted as we discuss our personal views and interpretations of books read.  Through this process we learn to make meaning of the world around us while gaining a love of reading and enjoyment in the learning process--all gained through the simple pages of a book. 

Our class will take part in whole class literature studies, small group literature circles, and independent reading with regular teacher conferences.  These variations in grouping will give children the opportunity to choose what they read and read what they love while sharing insights with peers and learning to construct meaning from text within a group and as an individual.  

It's a wonderful program and we can't wait to read, read, read, and read some more with our students!