Jean and Max

Meet Mrs. Germaine

 Who is a farm girl from Duncan, Arizona who married a dairy boy from Gilbert, Arizona and had four children in Mesa, Arizona?  You guessed it--Jeanie Germaine.  My roots go back to a small farming town where my father raised black angus cows and grew alfalfa, cotton, corn, and kids.  My family is made up of four girls and one boy.  So we all grew up branding cattle, hoeing cotton, and shucking corn.  Sometimes you just can't take the farm out of a girl even if she moves to the big city.  Now I live with my family in Mesa where we grow a garden, gather eggs from chickens, harvest honey from our two beehives, pick oranges, feed four children, and best of all--am called " Mammy " by eight grandchildren.

Max, my husband owns Family First Physicians in Mesa, Arizona.  He likes to be a farmer on the weekends.  Max McKay is our oldest son and he is married to Amy.  Max is a lineman who works for SRP.  They have four sons, Max, Bowen, Eli and Rhett. They love Mammy and Papa the best!  Matthew is our second son and he is the office manager at Family First Physicians.He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and working on his MBA.  Lynsee is our only daughter who is "practically perfect in every way."  She is married  to Cody Innes. They live in Taos, New Mexico.  Mark is our youngest son and also works for SRP.  He is married to Jessica and they are the parents of Kyler, Peyton and Karson.  

This year I will begin my 24th year of teaching.  Where did all the time go?  I have loved all the places of learning around the world, but I love best of all the authentic learning environment which surrounds Zaharis Elementary School.  Our principal, Mike Oliver, once said to me, "Bring what is the very best from your experiences and put it to good use for the benefit of all of your students."  That's why coming to school each day is a rich experience for me and my students.  We learn from each other.  Welcome to my classroom and bring with you your own rich heritage and life's experiences to share.